Hey there, It's Nela and welcome back on my We heart It. Today's article will be my October favorites. I know it's already November but I forgot to post it.

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Tv shows

  • That '70s show - I've watched it long time ago and now I'm watching it again. Actually I'm not sure if I saw the whole tv show but It's great and I recommend it!
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  • Legacies - I couldn't wait to watch it and I love it! It's a spin-off of The Originals, which is itself a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries.
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  • American horror story - I loved the first season but now almost a month I am in a second season and it's boring and I don't like second season, I hope third season will be better.. Maybe I'll watch the first season again 'cause it was really amazing!!
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  • A star is born - oh good, I don't have words for that movie. That was great. I saw it on Claire Holt's and Kennedy Walsh's Instastories and they cried and I didn't so I felt a little bit heartless but I loved it.
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  • Nerve - I've seen it long time ago in Cinema and I remembered on it so I saw it again.
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  • 1999 - Charli XCX, Troye Sivan
  • Shallow - Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

And my favorite Christmas playlist which I have prepared since Summer and listening it over and over again. Can't wait to post it here.

  • Changes - XXXTentacion


Emma Roberts
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Evan Peters
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Kaylee Bryant and Jenny Boyd
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October 18th, 24th and 31st

  • 18th - My dog's 10th birthday
  • 24th - trip w/ my friends
  • 31st - Halloween
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Yellow sweater, ripped jeans, white shoes and black backpack
I hope you liked this article and have a nice day!
See you in following article.

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