To the one that I left behind,

I left, but I didn’t leave without looking back. Every moment of my waking day I wanted to look back and say that I regret leaving you. But I also wanted to do it right by you and myself.

I was hurting, but I wouldn’t let you see because I know it would just hurt you. I cry, but the tears are silent because letting you hear me cry would break your heart.

We fell for the long distance, the long distance love that we so desperately try to keep. In my heart, I will always love you. But, I am selfish.

I am selfish for keeping you with me, I am selfish for wanting you to be mine only when I couldn’t be only yours. I am selfish for wishing that you can drop everything and be with me. I apologize for my selfishness and for all the words that I couldn’t say to you. I am sorry.