Hi guys!:) Sorry it's been a while since I wrote an article here, I've just been swamped with school and work!

Anyways, I hear a lot of judgments daily from people saying, "its way too early for Christmas, etc," and I just wanted to make an article about this.

If celebrating Christmas is something that gives you joy why not make it last a little longer? Why not start celebrating early? Not everyone has to do this, but if it gives someone else joy there is nothing wrong with it! People think its socially unacceptable to do so, but I'm here to say its okay. Do it! Who cares. If you’re crazy about Christmas, don’t let the haters bring you down! Even if you start your Christmas celebration as soon as you’re done trick-or-treating, the time between the two holidays is less than 15 percent of the year. Do what makes you happiest, even if that means decking the halls and singing “Jingle Bells” before Thanksgiving — there's no judgment here! <3

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