Women dress not for men, but for themselves. But each of us wants to look seductive and feminine, to catch admiring glances at ourselves, to force passersby to turn around after them.
8 things that will help you admire men and look delicate and fragile:

  • Pencil skirt
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This is not clothing, but a real instrument of seduction! This style favorably emphasizes the curves of the female body, arousing curiosity, but not exposing the charm on public display. And this skirt is very versatile - it can be put on for a walk, at work, in the theater, and it is appropriate to look everywhere.
  • High heel shoes
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Whatever you are wearing, add to the image of a boat with heels - and you will become much more feminine and sexy. They look great with plain jeans, not to mention skirts and dresses.
  • Fluffy midi skirt
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Every woman since childhood wants to feel like a princess. This skirt is your chance! No one will look at you in bewilderment, and even vice versa - you will appear as a gentle, charming lady, next to which every man wants to be a gentleman.
  • Bright dress
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Red, pink or even white - the dress should be considered the most feminine clothing in our wardrobe. And it is also very comfortable to wear it - put on a dress and shoes, and a luxurious look is ready!
  • Blazer
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In a woman wearing a blazer, there is something very elegant. You can wear it in different ways - with pants or jeans, or on top of a dress. You can give preference to both dark and light shades.
  • Tight things
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If your figure is good, then why not show it? This can be done in a very unobtrusive way - for example, with the help of a tight shirt or a long dress.
  • Knee-high boots
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Knee-high boots - one of the main attributes of the fatal beauty! A woman in these boots simply can not go unnoticed, and will catch admiring glances. The main secret is to not allow vulgarity in the image.
  • Decollete
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Blouses and dresses with a seductive, but not defiant neckline will make you feminine and attractive. Especially if together with the line of the neckline you show fragile clavicles.


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