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I wanted to write about something that is very important and a big part of my life, writing. There is so much that you can get from it, doesn’t matter if you are the writer or the reader, words make the world go around right? Now that I’ve started to write more on the internet, I’ve realized that people really like my texts, and it feels so good and keeps me going forward to my goals. It feels so amazing when people tell you that your text was inspirational or helpful to them, you can get so much more inspiration from other peoples comments.

I know there are so many talented people who really want to start writing but just don’t know how or where to begin. It was hard for me too, trust me, but then I just opened my laptop and started. My very first article here in We Heart It was “60 uncomfortable questions”, I posted it and then it got like over 200 likes and I was like “ok maybe I’m going to write something more serious” and now, here I am, part of the We Heart It writers team writing about the things that matter to me, writing about topics that need to be written. At least the topics are important to me. And now we get to the point…

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When you don’t know how to start writing, or you don’t have a clear subject, start looking around. I don’t mean just in your room, I mean the whole world, other people and yourself. What are things that matter to you the most, what are things that you think needs to change? You can start with the simplest words, “I feel”, “I think”, “I love” or ” I hate”. You can start writing about your own feelings, for some it’s the easiest option, but to some people, it may feel like the end of the world to let your feelings out. Feelings are just one of the many things to write, you are a fashion lover (for example) then you can write about the latest trends, worst fashion blunders etc...

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You create the best text when you write about something that is really important to you, it’s nothing like writing some essay about some lame subject when you have to. Writing is art and you are the best artist in the world. When you come up with the right subject, the words just start coming and there is no stopping it!

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Always write for yourself,
Never force yourself to write,
You can find inspiration everywhere,
Don’t stress too much, everyone makes mistakes.

The best thing about writing is that there are no rules for it, they are your words, thoughts that you think, no one can tell you how to do it. You are your own boss when it comes to writing. If you are afraid to publish your text, you can just write in your diary, notebook or laptop and keep it all to yourself. But remember that if you have some questions or anything, I would really love to read your texts, so you can always send your texts to me and I’d love to tell you what I think!

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this one, please go check my previous articles!

With love, Nea❤︎

This article was written by @cherrybbombb on the We Heart It Writers Team.