Am I a good person?

Recently I have realised that I am not the best version of myself. This dawned upon me while I was watching The Good Place which is a Netflix series about the afterlife. The idea is if you did many good deeds you would go to "the good place" however if you were bad or even average you would go to "the bad place". I am not yet sure where I stand on my beliefs towards afterlife however, it made me consider, what am I doing with my life?

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The Good Place

After this, I then decided I needed to put more effort into becoming a better person. Now, I have tried this before and yes, it lasts for a little while but it generally fades. So, I am writing this article to hold me accountable to my self improvement, even though no one will be reading this.

How does one improve oneself?

1. Set goals!
Setting goals gives you a vision to what you will do, without them you have no reference point to know if you are getting better or not.

My goals will be:

  • Engage more with my community
  • Be kinder and more positive
  • Develop my knowledge, outside of university
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2. Create an Action Plan
Things are only easier said than done when goals aren't made into plans. To achieve success you must create a plan detailing how you will complete each of these goals.

To complete my goals I will:

  • Volunteer for "Rosies, friends on the street" at least once a month
  • I will give three complements a day
  • I will start and end my day with writing down something I am grateful for
  • I will read a new book every semester

The key to success is beginning small, creating a doable plan and achieving it. Remember, you can always make them bigger and better as you go along!

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3. Do it!
Do what you said you would do! Check off your goals, make sure you're on track. If you slip up every now and then, that is okay! Change takes time, be fair to yourself and keep slayin'.

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4. Revise your goals and plan
After a few weeks, look at how often you have fulfilled your plan. If you aren't meeting your plan consistently then maybe it is time to revise your goals or your plan and downsize. If you are meeting your plan most of the time but sometimes slipping up it is perfect! If you are always meeting your plan, maybe its time to challenge yourself a little more.

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You can make a change

Everything you do has an impact on someone, from an elaborate surprise party to the slight smile at the grocery checkout. It is your decision if you have a positive or negative impact. Ask yourself, am I a good person?

Because I know what I would rather be.