Hi everyone. How are you?

Today I was waiting for my bus to go to school and I was on my phone. An Advertising came up and it said "What makes you happy?". It hit me hard because these past weeks weren't easy for me and it seems that it won't get better any soon. So, when I read that question I started to think an answer, and I wasn't able to answer that question immediately. So I started to think about what during these weeks made me smile for a bit.

Today was really hard and thinking about all these little things, helped me.

Listen to my favorite music.

I'm not saying that you should ignore your problems or your work, but sometimes putting some headphones on and playing your favorite songs is the right thing to do. I like to dance at night when everyone at home is sleeping. I really like when the lights from the street light up my room just a little bit.

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I'm a winter person but unfortunately for me it doesn't rain often where I live. But when it's raining I feel peace and I really need it at the moment.

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Yeah, it's like a joke but even if I like cold and winter and rain, it doesn't mean that I don't like the sun or being warm. Specially when it's autumn or winter, I appreciate sunny days more. When I come back to school and after I'm done with my lunch, I like to sit on my balcony and just be in the sunlight.

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Movies and Books

When I feel really bad watching my favorite movies or tv series helps me. I also watch comedy stand ups or makeup tutorials, even if I can't do makeup and I end up looking like a clown.

Also, I really like reading my favorite books and, in the last months, I started to discover poetry and almost everyday I read a new poetry poem.

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During the week I'm really busy so I don't have so much time for my friends but sometimes I can spend some hours with them even if is just by the phone. It means to me a lot. My best friend is really helping me a lot and the fun fact is that she doesn't even know it.

Also you should see me and my friends' poker session. We all meet to play poker (and we use candies instead of money) and every time, real shit happens.

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I'm not having enough sleep and I know it's bad. Sometimes I find the time to take a little nap and, let me tell you, when I wake it seems like everything is okay.

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I mean, good quality memes are the best even in the worse day of your life. I really enjoy vines compilation too.

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With a friend or alone, walking is the best activity I can do when I feel low. It's even better than going to volleyball practices.

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Appreciate and Forgive Myself

I think this is the most important thing I can do to make me happy and feel better. It makes me happy learning how to style my hair in a different way than usual. I like go to shopping because it makes me happy see me in a good outfit. I like to have my nails done when I can. I like to cook for myself. I like to buy things for myself and I love to know that, in the end, I still have me.

I'm not really proud of what I'm doing or how everything is but it's okay. I don't need to blame myself.

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If you're not doing well, everything will be okay. Ask for help and don't feel ashame while asking for it. Talk to your family, to a teacher, to a friend or even a stranger.

You're not what people think about you, you're not your grades, you're beautiful even if you don't fit on society stupid standards.

Hope to see you soon.