Day 24. "Make a list of things you always postpone."

Two things I always postpone. Going to the gym and starting a diet.

Me and my mom have this conversation almost every morning. She will always say that I should start being more athletic and not live in front of my laptop watching tv series and go to the gym. And every single day my answer is like yes mom I will go tomorrow. I haven't gone to the gym for at least three weeks now but let's keep that a secret from my mom.

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And the second thing is starting a diet. I hate it when someone tells me something like Oh I found this diet you should really try it. And I'm always like GURL IF I WANTED I WOULD. I really act depending on my mood. If I am in the mood for going to the gym or starting a diet I will, but don't tell me when to do it homie.

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That's seriously me.LOL.

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