..Or maybe both at the same time?

Let’s admit it; Instagram is great at inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves. I go on the app and see all the cool people killing it out there, and it makes me excited to do the same. But, the same app is also great at helping me see all my “flaws”, and I’m over it. Because even some of the people that inspire me the most make me doubt myself. My talents, my worth, even my closet, and that’s unusual for me since I usually know who I am and stick to that. At times, when I would open the app, I wouldn’t feel inspired, I would just feel all this pressure to be someone I’m not. And I know that that’s how social media works today, it feeds people this idea of themselves that seem so great, while in reality that isn’t even something they want.

For example; you might follow someone who lives somewhere sunny near the beach where they surf all day long and post about a million pictures a day of them looking super happy. And even though that might not be what you want at all, you see how happy this one person is and believe that you would be too if you were in the same situation. So you start to think that your life isn’t enough. And I’m guessing you do this without even noticing. Or you see someone older than you being a badass, and you feel like you’re not enough or haven’t gotten as far as them. But guess what, that’s how’s it’s supposed to be. We are all on our own timeline, living our own lives our own way, and that means that we won’t always be on the same page as others.

For the past years, I’ve been working on loving myself 100% every day, because I think the love you have for yourself is one of the most important ones. And after some reflecting, I realized that Instagram isn’t good for me right now. Maybe it is for you, we’re all different, but just think about it. What is something that isn’t too good for you that you keep in your life? It could be anything; an old routine, a fake friend, an app.

So I stopped checking Instagram, I even logged out of the app because I’m dramatic like that, and I’m feeling good. YES, I miss it, because 90% of the time I felt inspired scrolling through all the pictures. But I decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore, because something that makes me doubt myself, even for a second, isn’t something I want in my life.

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