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What is stress?

Stress is a situation where we have so many challenges and demands that the resources available for adaption are tight or exceed. Any positive or negative change can make us stressed out. Point of views and our attitudes have a great impact to how much stress we have because one stimulus does not do that by itself.

Things that can cause stress are for example:

  • persistent rush
  • noise
  • excessive responsibility and unreasonable demands
  • feeling lack of control in life/school/work
  • unfairness or lack of appreciation
  • family or friend problems
  • bullying
  • lack of support
  • sudden changes in life
Stress can be dangerous if it continues for too long.
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Common symptoms

Did you know headache, dizziness, palpitations, nausea, abdominal pain, frequent urination, sweating, flu and back pain can be caused by stress? Stress also has psychological and social symptoms like irritability, restlessness, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances and problems in family and friend relationships.

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Stress can be also a good thing

Not all stress is harmful. It depends if stress is temporary or continuous. Overall people can tolerate stress better when it's short term. In fact, it can make people do their best. We also get pleasure once stress is relieved because it releases adrenaline.

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What to do with stress?

  • Share your problems/worries with your friends or any other close person.
  • Stop dwelling on your worries. Instead try to find a solution to it.
  • Recharge. Do the things that make you feel good.
  • Exercise. Regular exercise helps you to tolerate stress better.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Take care of your social relationships. Good social relationships and spending time with friends/family improve mental well-being.
  • Do good to others because it makes your spiritual well-being stronger and gives your life more sense.
  • Use humour.
  • Try to be more optimistic. You can for example write three things you are grateful for everyday.
  • And remember: nothing lasts forever.
Thank you for reading and hopefully your weekend won't be too stressful!