Welcome to my first article!

This past weeks I have been a mess. I finished finals yesterday and until then I have been cramming all day long trying to make it through. I realize now that I have done loads of things wrong since I have moved on my own for my junior year of college, off to a country I have never been to, with a language I don't speak. So know I feel full of tips for myself and for you guys and I have written down some goals I have for this month and a half left until I go visit home for Christmas, and moving on to 2019.
Let's go!

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Of course, my journey has to start here, which is where I have chosen to document it. There, and in my bullet journal. I will try to post a bunch of articles here and there. I don't think I will be able to adjust to a schedule just yet, I prefer to get the hand of it first.


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I will start my health journey. I have hated my body and myself my whole life, and 20 years are a lot of them. I am done feeling bad, I want to love me. So fitness is where I am going to start.
I will start running, go to yoga, eat healthier and drink loads of water. Maybe I'll write an article about it more deeply once I have something to share.


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I am going to be far more organized this month. I will take great notes, keep them up to date, and try to do the homework and the labs the day they hand them out to us, so I can keep up with everything.
I really hope I can be more productive and do it all, and of course, I will focus on stop procrastinating. I am going to share my journey on my Instagram account, linked in my profile.

And those are my goals for now. What are yours? I will leave my motivation collection here for you to feel as motivated as me:

See you in my next article!