Here's a Top 10 list of some great youtubers that are in my opinion amazing yet very underrated and deserve more recognition (feel free to check them out:)).
From most to least underrated:

1) NannaXVI

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Starting off with my own best friend whose videos are both hillarious and beautiful to look at. Most of her content is very original and contains both vlogs and funny sketches. She's really entertaining and well.. I don't want to brag about my friend, so:

My three favourite videos of hers:

2) nevejenny

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Next up is Neve Jenny even though she's actually a music youtuber and not a "normal" one. She makes covers on her guitar or ukulele usually of not so well known songs. She has a cute indie vibe and her voice is angellic.

My three favourite videos of hers:

  • a rare spoken video by her

3) Melanie Anne Ahern

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Three words. AH-MAY-ZING. Her videos are masterpieces. She's such a talented director, she really has the eye for it and deserves the world. Her videos are kind of special, see for yourself:

My three favourite videos of hers:

4) ladyioan

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The first lad on this list even though he has "lady" in his name. He's just massively underrated. All of his videos are incredibly beautiful and his eye for camera shots and editing is breathtaking. Even though he doesn't upload that often his stunning vlogs and other little videos are worth the wait.

My three favourite videos of his:

5) Dan Stokes

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He is focusing on his and his friend Ewan's show "Internet explorers" more than on his channel now. But I'm gonna talk about that later! His channel just ART and most of his videos have a nice spooky grunge feeling to them and it's so special and.. just check him out and see for yourself. He makes short poems, films and other stuff. If you want to see more of his face he's been in several short films, for example The Imp of the Perverse or Rubix.

My three favourite videos of his:

6) DreamOnMaddie

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She's just magical! Her videos are genuine, beautiful, inspirational, down to earth and thoughtful. She makes vlogs and simple talking videos but recently also a documentary! You can really see how much effort she puts in her work and she is undoubtedly such a great person. She deserves much more attention on youtube.

My three favourite videos of hers:

7) radhaggis

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This is the second time I'm gonna mention the show "Internet explorers" here because it's co-created by Ewan McIntosh (aka radhaggis) and Dan Stokes (whom I've already talked about) and it's being released monthly on this channel. It's a beautiful mess and a social commentary perfect for our time. Ewan also does vlogs and INCREDIBLE short films. So talented!

My three favourite videos of his (including a short film and my favourite Internet explorers episode - but I reckon you watch the series from the start):

8) BumbleBeeble

bumblebeeble image writing, bujo, and bullet journal image bumblebeeble image moonrise kingdom image

Subsribe for the most beautiful lyric videos you've ever seen, cute animations and other stunning artistic videos. One day, she will definitely be hired to do a lyric video for someone.

My three favourite videos of hers:

9) kindoflinc

kindoflinc image kindoflinc image tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image kindoflinc image

An amazing and underrated "animation youtuber". His style is really cute and he is funny and entertaining. Don't know what more to say, just check him out!

My three favourite videos of his:

10) vewn

vewn image vewn image gif and vewn image Abusive image

Again, an "animation youtuber" but a great one. Her short animated films are so thoughtful, intelligent and pretty to look at. Like SO much. She deserves millions of subscribers and views.

My three favourite videos of hers: (but it's really hard to choose since all of her videos are so great)

I hope you liked my article and that you check out some of those beautiful people! Have a nice day!