I am Phia. Nice to meet you by the way.

I am on WeHeartIt since primary school. I never tried the new function, articles. I want to change this.

So first of all a little introduction would be nice...don't you think?
My name is Phia, like i told you before and I am 18 years old. I do WeHeartIt because it calms me down, cheers me up and inspires.

I grew up in an urban area one hour away from Berlin. I love to dance and listen to music. (Please do not ask which genre, because that changes like the lights on a Christmas tree) I also like to read and bake. My brother is like a son to me and I am in a relationship with the love of my life.

I graduated in June 2k18 and recently moved to Kiel. Originally, I wanted to move to Hamburg and start an integrated degree program in a bank. I just missed my deadline and that is why I will start the program in Hamburg in August 2k19.
I moved to Kiel because I needed a change and wanted to check if economy (especially finance) is enough. I started to study industrial engineering to look if physics a re still important to me. I hate it now. The only fun part in my schedule is the economy class. After this lightening I chose to stop every other class and search for work to fill my travel-piggy-bank.

My boyfriend is in Hawaii right now til February ... so I have a long-distance-relationship. YEAHHH !!! I feel like crap and could cry every other minute. He is my light and tower of strength. I cannot sleep alone and go out anymore. The only glimmer of hope is me going to visit him during Christmas and New Year.

Apropos Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the the cold, snow, fairy tales, lights, hot chocolates and cozy stockings. The other positive side effect are the huge hoodies and long scarfs to hide under.

I never liked my body and figure. I had serious health problems and try to start to like myself now. That is why I want to eat healthy and supportive and started to do sport at home. I really would like to see a difference when I am in a bikini on the beach for Christmas. I want to feel confident in front of my future husband.

We are moving together next summer, if everything works out. (I hope so much it does)

So that's me and I told you this because I want to update you on my life regularly in the future. Writing helps me to stay focused, think about my life and start to interact with my followers.

If you wanne know something. feel free to ask.

Until then
Phia <3