Day 23. "Write a page of a diary."

Hey Hearters...Heads up it's going to be kinda sad...This one is actually from my diary. It's a page I wrote two years ago when I was feeling that everything was falling apart.

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What is life? It's an I want, I can. You are surrounded by people, people with too many faces, hidden faces. A person has a good and a bad side. The thing is which one do we see. Everyone's face is a mask, a mask that hides a feeling. You can wear the mask of an angel, the mask of the saint, but when nobody sees you change. In life, everybody's face is the greatest mystery. You think that you have friends, friends that support you, love you but when they see their chance they will ruin you. Either by leaving or by backstabbing you. I am used to seeing people go, people that I used to thing that are my best friends, left just like that. Everyone says goodbye in their own way. The first one turned his back on me, the other thought I wasn't good enough, And the other left without saying a single word. So who thinks I am enough? who thinks that I can be that person that will make you laugh and smile?. I feel like I live in a prison, this prison is my body. My mask is my smile but behind, hell behind it there is anxiety, desperation, insecurity, a broken heart, tears and a dead soul. I am not good enough for them But I will be good enough for me. I swear.

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