It's been a while since I did a story time and this one is interesting...
So if you know I did one story time about a 'potential boyfriend' and how he basically used me because he was bored.... you can read about that here

So as I mentioned in the previous article above, me and him are students who study two different majors, last month our two majors came together to work as a partnership.

Which is fine, but he had his eyes set on me like when he was presenting his ideas to the class he couldn't keep his eyes off me..now it has been a while since the whole thing happened and I'm over it.

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Here is where things start to get interesting...

We had to go out on location, baring in mind we are in this woods and its just the two of us...

so we where scouting for locations to shoot our idea, and we came to this cross road, and I wish I took a picture of it because it was so aesthetically pleasing, but as I was admiring the scene, I feel someone stand by the side of me

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like this but minus the arm around waist and kissing cheek.

So I knew if I turned to face him we would've been so close facially and I didn't want to look.

We continue to walk and occasionally he bumps into me, bumps shoulders which I didn't think much about because the road we was uneven. However we talk and stuff, and he mentions that I am his friend but i'm also more than that and at the time I didn't think much of it but now I am curious. but I'm also shy to ask what he means 😅

And when we finished our scouting he waited with me until my ride came to pick me up and before we left he pulled me into a hug.

Long story short...every time I see him around campus he has to come over to me and whenever we sit with each other a part of him always is touching me. e.g knees touching or arms.

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So that is my update on this situation 😅 Hope you guys enjoyed it and give me a ❤️ and check out my other articles, see ya ❤️