hello people! i don't actually know what's going on in this article.

so i finished my finals a couple of weeks ago and honestly i don't know about other people but when i finish exams i don't usually feel that sense of freedom straight away.. if that makes sense?

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maybe to those who study well do feel satisfied that exams are over but i don't. the thing about me is that i for no reason, like to study last minute. and i am well aware of the results and aftermath of studying last minute but i still do it anyways

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so to those reading this, i sincerely advise you,

1. DON'T STUDY LAST MINUTE. do whatever you can to avoid it. if there is still time till your next exam, use it wisely.

just stop procrastinating and get yourself back to studying. seriously, it is not worth all the stress and anxiety during and after the exam.

2. SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT. i kid you not, having enough sleep really helps a lot.

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i understand the struggles of not finishing a topic the night before an exam. not just a topic but topics and the stress of wanting to finish it all on one night keeps you on edge. but trust me, it ain't worth it. your brain needs to rest. your body needs rest.

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my brain cells during an exam when i stay up late

i have done all nighters before. well not really an all nighter cause i usually take naps in between and i admit, sometimes it does helps but only when the topics or subjects are not too heavy. most of the time though, it does not. i'll just feel more blank during an exam than ever and believe me, feeling blank during an exam is not a good feeling.

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3. DON'T cramp a lot of information before the exam. this tip applies to those who have short breaks in between exams like i do. i rarely do this but recently, for this finals, i had made the mistake of cramping a lot of information just minutes before an exam. and i regret it deeply. after cramping session, and when the exam starts, my brain was just so tired it couldn't even process the information.

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how i actually feel during an exam

4. other than that, just focus in class. focus when the teacher's teaching and try to understand on what they're talking about.

5. write notes and whatever is important, just DON'T SPACE OUT during class. do you and not what others are doing. for example, you feel like writing what the teacher is saying and you see that others aren't writing so you copy them.

if you feel it is important just write it, stop caring about others. it's best if you do what you think might help you more. (does that make sense?)

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6. focus on your goals people! i often compare myself to others when it comes to grades and it made me unhappy. i just feel more disappointed. but here's the thing, you should stop comparing and focus on yourself. if you've accomplished your goal then that's more than enough! be proud!

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okay i feel like i wrote too much.
thank you to those who have read till the end! i hope it benefits you in some way and gives you the motivation that you need.

good luck out there!