We were born blind. I mean, we only see with our eyes, and our soul is empty. The soul needs a lot of work to "see the light". It is a hard work that will be with you all your life. But do not worry, you will see the result as soon as you start. Sooner or later, everyone will feel their spiritual blindness. This can happen during a walk, in a period of sadness and excitement, or another event, not so important for everyone, but special for you. Do you want to hear about an example of this phenomenon? Of course, I'll tell you…

I am sure that almost everyone has heard about exhibitions or competitions of cats, some were there and may have brought to the competition of his purring friend. As you know, cats come in different breeds, and many will say that each breed is beautiful. However, it is not common to hear about non-pedigree domestic cat. Just imagine: heated in sunlight, the porch basking a little cat. On its white-red fur were still small grains of sand from playing in the garden, and on the tip of the tail caught a light thread of the web. Murlyka squints her large amber eyes, moving her small ears slightly. And adults go by, children play in the distance, and no one cares about a special cat, which in the winter froze the tips of red ears, because of what they have acquired a rounded shape. Ears and thinness for some reason forced passers-by to doubt the warmth and tenderness of the owner of honey eyes. People look at it, but their soul does not see what kind of love an unusual cat can bestow on a person, which you will not see in an exhibition, in a picture, or in an illustration to a new book by some famous author.

But we are blind not only to cats, we are blind to ourselves. We close our eyes to our real feelings, putting on masks and living with them all, and so short, life. Is such a life worth living, is this life worth your attention? Time is constantly running forward, not allowing us to relax, and forcing constantly "pump" itself. And the result? The Internet dictates to us the standards of everything that makes us truly unique, not live buttons "repeat". No, wait, I'm not saying that the Internet is evil, it helps a lot in life. Thanks to the network we learn information about interesting things. But people believe everything that they see in the network and remake themselves under the "ideals", injuring their own and so bad-seeing soul. And we forget the real us. And not see features of other people.

I advise you to quickly teach your soul to look. Beautiful can be seen in everything that surrounds us and that moves and develops in this world with us. Be sensitive people who are able to feel any change in the mood of people close to you, and are able to live as you secretly dream. Start to educate the soul: read, think, feel, and never hide behind masks. Be yourself at last. And if you suddenly feel tired, just remember the little cat resting on the warm porch, feel the softness of her hair. I think after that you will remember how beautiful this world is filled with warmth.