Today I decided to have a party in honor of the new school year. My father and stepmother have not yet returned from the cruise, and my loser stepbrother is not a hindrance to me.

I know that baby Claire has been indifferent to me for a very long time, but I always liked her curious sister, Courtney, more.

- Chase!
- Hello girls

There was no Courtney among them. I heard that after the incident, she is no longer part of their company.

- Where is Adam?
- You know Brin, my brother is not very sociable. Locked in the room.
- God, Brina, seriously? Claire, come on, let's find something to drink.
- But ...
- Sorry, ladies, but I need to check something.

Yes, it was a bit rude, but ... I don't want to offend Claire or give her false hopes. If someone also related to Jenny, my younger sister, who today stayed with her grandmother, this man would not be good for her.

My mother left our father when I was in high school. My sister was five. After a couple of years, my father ran into Megan, my stepmother, she was driving off the parking lot, mixing up levers and hurt father's car. As it turned out later, she is the mother of Adam Trevors. He, like Courtney and a couple more people was in our company, but not now.

The fact is that once we were eight. Me, Claire, Adam, Courtney, Ella, Morgan, Brin and Matthew. Matthew was a twin, Morgan, and a boyfriend, Courtney. Why was ? He is no more. And this is the most mysterious incident, since the cause of death was not decided.