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Each of us is a product of our environment.

One of the many illusions of youth is the belief that life is an open - plan structure, that your possibilities are endless. Until you decide to push yourself into some kind of framework.

Life is an eternal struggle against regret.

...And the dream was postponed indefinitely.

There are no simple solutions in life. All the confusion.

Surprises do not arise from nowhere - they need to look for.

Raising children is a delicate matter. It is necessary to be able to keep silent in time or to refrain from advise which will sound as banality or will appear senseless as a plaster with which try to close up a huge wound.

Even the ugly seems beautiful if it personifies a temporary salvation from the ordinary.

Do not lose hope ... enjoy freedom, rejoice that you had the opportunity to live a few days at your leisure.

Complaining is scolding over what you basically have no power ...

Each of us has bad habits.

And I know that sometimes we criticize others for what we ourselves lack.

- My daughter is a captain cheerleader. I hope she is not a bitch. But the captain cheerleaders in all respects. And desperately seeking to be popular ... at all costs.
- So she is lonely.
- And who is not alone?

But in love is always like that, right? Have to risk it. And risk is always the possibility of an unfavorable outcome.

In my opinion, each of us plays a role.

There are such moments in life when you just can't do without a second glass.

Changes. This is a dangerous business.

Recognizing that you have been given life, you pay a certain price for it - you know that the time will come, this life will be taken away from you.

Yes, of course, twenty two years have passed since then, and time softens the contours and colors, especially when it comes to first love.

So ... in life everything is relative, for good reason we suffer.

For love - true love - is able to overcome any obstacles.

Great minds think alike ...

In our country, a strange attitude to vacation: on vacation, we go with a sense of guilt. Well, fear, of course, exists: we are afraid that in our absence someone will take our place.

Life is based on the coincidence of many small details, so that we find ourselves in a certain place at a certain time.

To be happy, you need to want to be happy.

Do not lose hope. After all, your life can change in the blink of an eye.

Free fall is a terrible thing.

It was love. Real love.

Depression is like a dark shadow hanging over us, with which we simply live, which we perceive as part of ourselves. Until the darkness begins to suck us and life becomes unbearable.

Every person is a mystery. And above all for himself.