There is an entire ocean between me and the place I call home.

I miss the purple and gold evening skies.
I miss the tremendously heavy rain that would pour from the clouds.
I miss the way the stars looked from a city-less piece of world.
I miss the unruly stalks of corn.
I miss the milo that changed colors with the season more vibrantly than the trees.
I miss the flatness of the land.
I miss the cold warmth of the not-so-cold Winters.
I miss the acres of cow spotted fields.
And I miss the tall, willowy trees that framed nearly every hidden back road.

Here there are brilliant, blue oceans.
Here there are lazy, white beaches.
The sunrises are pink and orange.
The trees rain down flowers as if they were leaves.
The rain is slow and soft as it drifts with the breeze.
The grass is always luscious and green.
Here everything is peaceful.
Here everything is lovely.
Here everything is beautiful.

It's just that it doesn't quite feel like the beautiful I miss.