we all are going, or have gone through things which we don't like to talk about. and that's okay. people aren't supposed to know everything, and you know what? nobody even cares.
and trust me, the cuts on your heart, your restless mind, everything will heal.

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the boy you loved broke your heart? or your friend changed? sometimes it's hard to accept the reality. it hurts. but hey, that's life! get up, embrace the future with a bright smile, not tear stained cheeks. i strongly believe that everything happens for a reason.
so what if you didn't get good grades? so what if things didn't turn out how you wanted them to be? so what if you feel restless at night? what now? are you just gonna survive? or LIVE YOUR LIFE?

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who left, who changed, who betrayed, nothing matters. you made beautiful memories with them, yes, cherish them but don't hold on to them. it will keep you from moving forward.

don't just breathe. exist. exist loudly.

everyone is going through something, but not everyone shows it. even if your life's messed up, smile, wear cool clothes, walk like a lady, and keep them wondering!