Name & Age

21 and birthday image dark, depression, and girl image
My name would be Leena Davis, my hero name would be Ilution and i would be 21


Marvel, mind control, and patches image green, neon, and quotes image black and mind image halsey, quotes, and grunge image
Mind control in the form of ilutions, i'd be able to make people see, hear, smell and even taste things that aren't really there


beautiful, hair, and model image Temporarily removed Abusive image black, chubby, and ugly image
Long brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin and chubby figure.


Temporarily removed gossip girl, quote, and tv show image Temporarily removed aesthetic, boho, and exotic image carpe diem, gold, and aesthetic image Mature image
Debatable morals, flirty, does things fist apologises later, very mean, hiding behind a mask of i don't care but is trying to be better.


yellow and fashion image bed, black, and boot image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
hoodies, sweaters, boots, jeans and lots of piercings


Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image quotes and eminem image quotes, words, and book image
i would be an anti-hero, my character would be rescue from one of Hydra's facilities where i was being held since i was a child to serve with my powers to Hydra, but since i was there for a long time my moral compass got a little broken


Marvel, red, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed Image removed
Wanda, Loki (in this universe, he and Thor live happly ever after) Clint and Bruce (like a fathers daugther relationship)


Temporarily removed quotes image feelings, goals, and relationships image Temporarily removed
Bucky, i used to flirt a lot just to make him uncomfortable but i ended up liking, the good part was, the flirting did his job and he liked me back.


"it's been more than a day since i made Stark mad, time to work"

"adventure calls"

"don't look at me, i didn't do that"

"in my defense it seemed like a resonable choice at the time"