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Dear Ex-Best Friend,

It's been two years since I lasted talked to you. You moved away to change your life. I guess that meant forgetting me and what we had. All the secrets we shared. All the memories we had together. You promised we would always be friends but i guess promises are meant to be broken.

I remember when we officially started talking to each other. It was in middle school, we had a few classes together and had the same friends. So we started to get to know each other and we just clicked. Like we were meant to be best friends.

We told each other everything. You were there during my darkest times. And I was there when you had your problems. You made mistakes but I didn't judge you. I always forgave you after we had a fight. Because at the end I always loved you.

During the summer before junior year we had big fight and we didn't talk for two months. That was the hardest thing to do, not knowing if your okay. But then we made up and acted like nothing happened.

You started to hang out with other people and that was fine. Cause I was also with other people. But why did you have to be mad at me when you were doing the same thing. It was like i wasn't aloud to have other friends with people you didn't know. That was unfair.

Senior year we had the same friends, so we were always together. But then you started to cause drama and fights with all of us. That was the moment I started to question our friendship. You were becoming someone that I didn't know. And I didn't want to be friends with that person, but still stayed cause you were my best friend.

When we graduated from high school we stilled talked but barley. You said you wanted to move to start a new life and I knew that meant our friendship was going to change. But I didn't think that you completely forget about me.

I see you on social media having a great life. You have a new best friend. A girl that we went to school with. So if you still be friends with people at home, why couldn't we still be best friends or be friends at all.

I have moved on. But it still hurts that you gave up on us. All the laughs, tears, happiness, pain, secrets, and memories. It's all gone.

I wish you the best. And I will never forget you.

Sincerely, Your ex-best friend