HEADS UP: I normally upload every Monday and Saturday, but since this is so prevalent in my mind, I thought I would share with you a valuable life lesson that has changed my life for the better. Please ignore the fact that for the rest of this article, my capitalization is absent. Whenever this deep stuff comes into my mind, I just wanna type it out (however, I am a grammar freak). So please, sit back and enjoy this little read! ILY and see you Saturday!

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i've learned to embrace change. we'll never be the same person as we were yesterday, last year, or a decade ago. have you ever tried going back to your "old self again"? well, no matter how hard you try, you fail...because you can't. once you wake up the next day, things switch up and you either have to go with the flow or stay behind. time keeps going, and sometimes we have to just roll with it in order to remain healthy and present. just because you've changed, doesn't mean it's a bad thing. often times, change is a very good thing.

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your friends will change. sometimes, they change for the better, and other times they don't. one thing i wish i could've learned sooner is that you're going to meet new people along the way, and those people are there for a reason. whenever you notice your friends distancing themselves from you (or vise versa), you should let it happen---especially if you've tried to catch up with them repeatedly and you couldn't. sometimes, that's an indicator that they've done what they're supposed to do in your life. now you just have to take a step back, accept that they're no longer an important part of your life anymore, and move on. furthermore, these old friends maybe come back...and if they're good ones, you might feel as if you saw them just yesterday.

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don't ever let yourself think that you can't become a better person tomorrow. you can, and it takes a lot of pain and effort. with pain comes growth and with growth comes more wisdom and strength. never doubt yourself the capabilities you've been given and the ones that you've yet to have. everyone has the same opportunity each day to start all over, and improve. clear your mind of any doubts you or your family/friends may have. focus on what you want to do, and what you think is right. that, my friend, is what matters more than anything.

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remember: tomorow is another day. you can look around you and witness the difference in the exact moment and yesterday. while the past may be a key for learning, it's important to never dwell. you always have second, third, infinite amount of chances to start again. don't doubt for a second that you can't.

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