Hello readers! I've been having so much fun writing articles for the past two days and I can't wait to write more! I am especially excited about today's prompt from @themermaidwriter 's 30 days writing challenge. Let's get started!

Day 3. "Write about two memories."

1. Panic! at the Disco
This is probably my favorite thing that has ever happened to me. Panic! at the Disco was touring with Hayley Kiyoko. These are the two people I admire the most. I listen to their music all the time and it has helped me get through so many things. I begged my mom to get tickets and thankfully she did. The day of the concert my mom and I set out for Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a four hour drive. Most of the car ride I just read and listened to music. We eventually go to our hotel and started getting ready. My friend was also going to the concert and we both agreed to get there about an hour early because we wanted to get our fortune told by 'The Amazing Beebo'. My mom and I took an uber to the BOK center. Our uber driver told us about how the day before he gave a ride to Grace Vanderwaal, so that was kind of interesting. Eventually we got there. We didn't have to wait too long outside thankfully. I met up with my friend in line. We waited in line for two hours. Just standing there. Eventually, we got up to the front. I let my friend go first. She won front row tickets.

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Two front row tickets. I then got my fortune told. Since she won two tickets I got to go with her up to the front row. Our moms stayed in their original seats. We got new ticket stubs and wristbands. It was a dream come true. Hayley Kiyoko had already started performing by the time we got to our seats. While she performed I made eye contact with her. I swear I almost fainted.

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After Hayley was done performing it was time for Brendon to come on. It was insane and amazing and I'm pretty sure I cried. Words can not even begin to describe the amazing emotions I was feeling. Towards the end of the concert, Brendon came out into the crowd. I was inches away from him. We made eye contact. I'm pretty sure I fainted. The end of the concert was eventually upon us. Right before they finished Kenny threw a guitar pick right to me. I guess that concludes my story. My mom and I went back to our hotel, slept, then in the morning started heading back home.

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2. The time I almost set fire to a hotel.

This is a story not a lot of people know. Not even my closest friends. Every January my school goes to JTF (Junior Theatre Festival). It's in Atlanta, Georgia, and an eight hour drive. At JTF we perform parts of a musical. It's super fun and my school is the only group that goes to JTF in our state. The very first morning in Atlanta our entire group was getting breakfast in the lobby of the hotel. This hotel was packed with kids going to JTF. Almost everyone staying there was there for JTF. For breakfast, I decided to have toast. This was a big mistake. The toaster that the hotel had was one with a conveyer belt.

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It looked kind of like this.

Basically, you would put the bread in and it would move on a conveyer belt, and then come out the bottom. Seems simple enough right? Apparently not. I put in a slice of bread but suddenly I realized that the one piece of bread was actually two pieces stuck together. When I realized that it was too late. Eventually, one piece of bread came out. It was very burnt. The other piece never came out. Then, the toaster started smoking. I bolted away. I went over to the cereal and very quickly fixed myself a bowl so that everyone else would think I had cereal so that I wouldn't be held accountable for the toaster. Because of the smoke, the fire alarms started going off. Since the fire alarms went off fire trucks showed up. At least no one figured out that it was me.

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Here's some pictures from JTF.

Okay! That is all my dear readers. Hopefully, this was somewhat amusing to you. Thank you so much for reading this! 💋-Ella

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