As this first semester comes to a close, you may be looking for an aesthetic or "studyblr" to help motivate you towards not failing finals. Here are some photos that help me stay on track. Enjoy and good luck!

study, school, and college image Temporarily removed study, book, and school image study, book, and coffee image study, book, and school image study, college, and school image
the messy aesthetic
study, school, and goals image aesthetic, grunge, and indie image books, college, and education image study, decoration, and desk image
the organized studier
Image removed college, notes, and school image study, girl, and coffee image book, starbucks, and study image
the coffee shop studyblr
study, school, and notes image Temporarily removed study, school, and notes image journal, bullet journal, and journaling image art, college, and high school image Abusive image
I think this one is the most important: "Note Envy"

Remember! Failing your finals doesn't mean you're a failure :)

The key in getting ahead is to get started