i want to live in...

beaches, south korea, and travel image aesthetic and sunset image
busan, south korea
beautiful, nature, and norway image landscape, norway, and place image
tromso, norway

i want piercings...

Mature image boy, cyber, and ghetto image
nipple ones
piercing, aesthetic, and black image Temporarily removed
cartilage ones
Temporarily removed belly button, ear, and goals image
microdermal ones

i want to fall in love...

couple, love, and hands image aesthetic, asian, and boy image
with someone and trust them completely

i want to own a cute and small department...

Temporarily removed bed room, room, and tumblr image

i want to work as a coder or translator...

study, university, and college image study, university, and book image
those are my dream jobs

i want to be thinner and more confient...

Mature image beauty, body, and boobs image

i want to go as many concerts as i can...

concert, trench, and twenty one pilots image Image removed
twenty one pilots
aesthetic, concert, and tumblr image Image by frida

and meet him...

stray kids, bang chan, and chris image Chan, kpop, and lq image
he's my sunshine, just marry me already