There are so many beautiful and amazing people in the world, and I know I am one of them, but there are so many I want to be!

Here are some aesthetics I want to dabble in and people I want to be like when I grow up!


Mature image Mature image
My middle name is Rose, given to me by my dad. My dad is my absolute best friend in the entire world. This tattoo is something I hope to get when I am older, because it is very meaningful to me.


car, boho, and inspiration image travel, autumn, and fall image
I yearn to travel the world, but aesthetically. I want to experience all sorts of adventures and go all kinds of places. I want to have a vamper and travel the entire world! Specifically, out west, like California, Nevada, Washington, and other places in that realm.


art, paint, and aesthetic image art, flowers, and cat image
I have tried dabbling in paint over the years, but I would love to take an Art class, or watch Bob Ross, and learn to paint with real skill and real talent! Painting isn't that fun when you're not good at it.. ya know?


food, healthy, and pasta image food, fruit, and delicious image
I love animals and the Earth, and I know that being a vegan would be beneficial to both causes. With that being said, I also feel as though there are so many great sources of protein that would be missing if I were to become vegan. Therefore, I have some time to figure this out.


party, music, and festival image Temporarily removed
I think concerts are a great place to meet people, especially those with a like-minded personality, as well as music tastes. The atmosphere of concerts is so unique and awesome. Therefore, I think I would enjoy attending more concerts over the next few years!