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Deep pinks, light pink, cream. Princess, of royalty. Expensive taste and wants the best of everything. Attracted to things that sparkle. Red roses, amoré is all she thinks about. Loves control. Fierceness in her strength to withstand all storms. Little bit of rebel flare, wanderlust. Skeptical, very scientific in her beliefs yet holds onto faith. Sunny, hot, European destinations. Soft fairylike, delicate touch. Attracted to big cities, the unknown, and things she's been told she can't or shouldn't have. Forgives but doesn't forget, will stab you with a shard of her own broken heart if you ever break it. Can be cold as ice; she's an all or nothing type. Great actress. Afraid of how people see her. Wants to be beautiful more than anything.


A place you'd be shocked in because it won't be what you expected. Despite her public angelic princess exterior, her mind is dark and makes a lot of bad decisions, caught in an addiction cycle. Needs control, lusts for power. Lives in her own fantasies. Doesn't trust the intentions of any male anymore and is growing bitter towards romantic love. Always thinking of "how" something is happening, for example, what's happening neurochemically in her brain. Needs to solve mysteries. Can't explain her feelings and doesn't because it doesn't get her anywhere. Feels entirely alone, is entirely alone. But no one believes that or recognizes her loneliness. A lot of random songs playing in the background. Has several deja vu moments. Obsessive. Unpredictable. Moody.

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Exceptionally thoughtful and empathetic. Sees the reasons for why people do things which can drive her heart crazy. Indecisive. Has been unappreciated by many people and hurt by those her age; this has made her grow a thick protective barrier around her heart. Acts like she doesn't need anyone and is completely content being alone but she doesn't know if that's true or if its true because she's made herself believe its true. Falls in love incredibly easily. Soft spot for children. Wishes she could make every child's dreams come true, especially those who are sick. Generous. Spender. Impulsive, acts with emotions always. Doesn't often think things through. Likes attention, needs attention, can be quite selfish and self centred. Wants to be beautiful, needs people to think she's beautiful, wants to be the most beautiful (very impossible wants). Accepting of differentness and is attracted to it as well. Can have major attitude. Is only satisfied with perfection. Can find a way to still dance while drowning - nothing gets in her way of want she wants. Determined.