I was watching vines and they reminded me of my family. Soooo yeah. Here's each member of my family if they were a vine. Also, here's an article where I list my family and describe them in depth:

My grandparents:
Stirs macaroni... "That's what good pussy sounds like." "Lahmar!"
Because my grandma would be shocked and my grandpa would call you a donkey.

My Stepdad:
"I said whoever threw that paper, ya mom's a hoe!"
Because he's always saying something mean about my mom. Tehehe!

My dad:
"You are my dad! You're my dad! Woogie woogie woogie!"
Because I sing it to him at least every time we talk.

My mom:
"Adrian Michael! I'm gonna beat your ass!"
That mom actually looks so much like my mom.

My brother Bobby:
"So basically, what I was thinking of-" gets punched "Ah! I can't believe you've done this!"
Because he's easily offended.

My sister Justine:
"I want to see my little boy!" "Here he comes!" "I want to see my little boy!"
Because she really loves her pet cat Stannis.

My brother Augie:
In a galaxy far away, a long time ago... "Turn off the flash you fuckin moron."
Because he loves Star Wars and everyone is a fuckin moron to him.

My sister Morgan:
Water poured on face "Hello?"
Because she's kinda an airhead and also usually drunk.

"So no head?" Throws flip phone... Smashes skateboard
What about this isn't me? I loooove head. I'm lame enough that I should still have a flip phone. The mullet is my spirit haircut. And I love skateboarding culture.

My cousin David:
"Chris, is that a weed? I'm calling the police!" "911 what's your emergency?"
There are a billion for him because vine was our thing that we'd do together, but this one has always reminded me of him and how much of a goody two shoes he was when he was younger.

Bonus: Me and David as a vine.
"Dick, suck a dick, suck a dick, suck a mother fucking dick, suck a dick-"
"Suck a huge or small dick."
That's just our type of shenanigan.