I love my body, but I also know how important it is to be active and to keep my body moving!
The purpose of this article is to:
-Keep track of my progress
-Help keep me motivated throughout my journey
-Help others that are similar to me!

My starting weight: 131 pounds
My goal weight: 125 pounds

-try to drink 3 liters of water a day!
-work out at least 3 days week!
-eat five vegetables a day!

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WEEK TWO (nov 11 - nov 17)
weight (as of nov 11): 130 pounds
goal weight: 125 pounds
- I am going out of town this week, but I plan to exercise all of those days that I am gone!

-drink 3 liters a day!
-eat 3 meals a day- breakfast: high in protein, no artificial sugar, low carb. lunch: leafy green salad, lots of veggies, plus protein, no added sugar, no carb. Dinner: high in protein, high in veggies, no sugar, no carb. vegan snacks throughout the day.
-work out 3 days a week!

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I will keep this updated over the weeks! Thank you so much and... LET'S GET THIS BREAD!