Hi, beautiful people!
I'm sure you didn't know, surprise, surprise (not really) - I moved to France the 1st of July 2018.
I decided I'm going to make a "series" of the whole process, including the discovery of French gestures, sayings, yummy food (so good!!), places I've seen, getting used to something new, things French people adore/hate.. there is so much to talk about.
Let me know what would you like to know or to find out about the French culture!


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I'm going to start off by saying that my family and I, including my dog traveled to France by car (around 2600 km), which is a lot, but also quite fun. It's tiring, but when you think about the moment when you will finally arrive at your destination, it's absolutely worth it.
Packed the entire house, put it in the car, prepared some food, got some snacks, and let the road trip begin.

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After more than 36 hours, our goal was accomplished. Exhausted? Very. Happy? Very. Got used pretty quickly with the new appartment, the view was and is absolutely stunning, there are woods and hills everywhere, rustic in general. The buildings are old, but the interior is modern (which I find interesting and cool). By the way, this pic was taken by me, in Lyon!

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One thing that bugged me was the heat. I've never experienced warmer summers than this one, it was abolutely boiling. The day we arrived the temperature was 38 degrees Celsius. To be honest, the whole entire summer was like that, always warm and occasional raining, it sucked for me.

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One week has passed and we went on a road trip again! Off to the French Alps! There was another family with us as well (our bffs) and it was so much fun, it definetely completed the whole week of moving. Laughters, football, walks in the mountains with the dogs, barbecue for lunch and dinner, homemade pizza, making puzzles and playing different games and finally but not least - a teleferic experience! It was the first time my family has done this and it was absolutely incredible.

Here's a pic of me on the top of the mountains and a sneak peek of the following part of the series, including places I've visited in France.

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I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any ideas for posts or even if you liked it or not, please let me know, along with what you would like to know about France in general.

Thank you so much for taking your time. Stay positive. Have a nice day!!

Much love, Christine Xx