Here are my favourite kpop songs relased in October! Enjoy!

fromis_9- LOVE BOMB

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context_page=3&context_set=111297113-kpop&context_type=collection This is my new favorite song! I totally love them, please stan them. They are all so talented and beautiful, true visuals! Their aesthetic is so my type! And the song is so catchy and sooo goood One of the best songs in 2018!

IZ*ONE- La Vie en Rose

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IZ*ONE just debuted! I was supporting them since produce 48, I watched all episodes, so now I'm feeling like a proud mother. This song is also very catchy, yet sensual and kinda hypnotising. I just can't stop looking at them when they're singing and dancing. But there is one thing that I'm salty about- why Japan line have no lines and so little screen time:( I'm j-line stan, so this is a little bit sad to me, I want to see my girls shine!

April- Oh! My Mistake

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At first I thought it was boring, but then it was in my head all they and I can't stop thinking about it to this day! Such a catchy song! It really suits April, they look so happy and fresh this comeback and their outfits are really pretty! Give them attention pls!

Yuri- Into You

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International girl crush just debuted solo and her single is amazing. One of the best songs this year, so addicting! I'm singing it all the time

BoA- Woman

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The mother of kpop is back and she's a WOMAN! I love that girl power vibe! BoA is looking gorgeous, a true queen 👑 slayyy


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As an EXO-L I must talk about the king of China. This song is actually in English, but who cares, it's so good! Yixing is a great artist and he work very hard, his music is high quality! And he is finally in EXO comeback, OT9 forever!

Lay- Give Me A Chance

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I've talked about Lay before, so I'm just gonna add that this song is also a bop and the choreography is stunning

NCT 127- Regular

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Both Korean and English versions are bomb! I really like this song and it feels like underrated members have more spotlight than before in this comeback, especially Yuta. But line distribution still sucks

Sohee- Hurry Up

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Finally we have a comeback! Sohee is gorgeous in Elris and gorgeous solo! Her new song is addictive, it makes me wanna dance when I hear it! Please support Sohee and other Elris members!


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I'm just gonna say that Super junior are Latino kings and I love it (and I don't even like Latino music) Stan legends


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She is so cute when she's dancing omg! What an beautiful icon. Hello stuP I D. Just love and appreciation for this queen.

Weki Meki- Crush

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asian, crush, and gif image
I'm addicted to 'gajgo sipeungeol' part so much, replay button is literally broken. Also Yoojung's rap is fire. Check out these girls!

Pink Fantasy- Iriwa

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context_page=6&context_query=pink+fantasy&context_type=search I just wanna say, that these girls are really good for a rookie group, their vocals are so stable and pleasing to hear! And their concept is so unique and mysterious, I wanna know who is that rabbit girl.