Good evening guys,

here it's 9.00 pm and now I finally found a moment to relax and write to you! It has been a long busy day! 🤯

So, today I want to spend some time to focus on GOALS. The last times I tried to start my journey, I didn't fix a goal to reach and probably this was one of the reason why I failed. I was thinking that I would worked out only to feel good with what I see on the mirror and I was not thinking about weight, objectives ecc. All of that led me into a "I don't have goals to reach, it's not essential working hard" mood. It was one of the WORST idea ever.

Right now I thought about some goals I want to reach both in the short and mid/long term, to motivate and stimulate me when I feel lazy and unmotivated.

girl, summer, and bikini image

⏩My biggest aim is to be in a good shape (around 55/57 kg) for April, when I'm going to Malta for a month to do an internship experience with the school, because I want to feel confident and proud of me during these days where I will probably wear also bikinis.
(I know that the weight means nothing, but I thought about it just to have a rational goal and by the time I will adjust everything to how I feel and how my body is changing.)

⏩ Moreover I create a short-term list of things to achieve in a week, which helps me to do a step forward into my big project.
For example, my week-purposes are:
✅- 0,7 kg from my current weight of 62,9 kg

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✅ working out 3 times a week
Temporarily removed
✅meditate 3 times a week

✅at least a post everyday on WHI

Doing this helps me so much, because for example today I have thought about my dream/goal, before dropping offf everything. I remeberd my WHY and I kept going.
Obviously everyone has different goals and there is nothing wrong with that, because we are all different and we should choose what makes us really good with ourselfs.

I hope it was intresting and you enjoyed it, let me know in the messages what you think about, what are your goals, how is going with your journey ecc. I'm so curious to know something about you!💓

Now I go to bed and I can finally sleep!😍 💤