Some of the things I'm in the process of learning..

1. You can ACTUALLY get over your fears
After an amount of time you're body just gets programmed to automatically feel scared and tense up when you're in a situation you're scared of. But with a lot of mental work and time and effort and quite literally sweat and tears you can reprogram your body to feel calm in those situations you used to be scared of. Just hold onto your strength. (recommend a book from dr. joe dispenza called breaking the habit of being yourself)

2. Being your own best friend is so important.
No matter where you are in life mentally and physically you will always have yourself. Pick up yourself when your feeling down, you're the only one who has the power to make sure YOUR healthy and happy. Believe in yourself, make positive changes for yourself and by yourself! You can do this.

3. Forgive people who aren't sorry.
I've had many people in my life who have left me when things get difficult or use me for my kindness. But holding onto grudges has never been my thing but recently I've learnt that somewhere in my heart I hold onto bad friends and people. Forgive the "bad" people that used to be in your life for you. So you can move on. Maybe they'll change maybe they won't, but you can. You can forgive those people and wish them a good life and move on.

4. I'm a lot stronger than I think.
Ive always thought of myself as weak and sensitive. Although being sensitive is still mostly true, I am so far from being weak. Everything I've gone through and going through, there is still days where I wake and go "I'm gonna try again". and I get up, I throw my hair up, and I do it again. Even when I break down I always pick myself back up and try again the next day. I'm still going and I'm gonna keep going until I'm happy and this goes for you too, the reader of this article. You woke up today, and I'm proud of you. The more you go through the stronger you are, a lot of people couldn't survive a day in my life. Being more scared than other people doesn't mean you're weaker. It takes a lot of strength being scared and doing it anyways than not being scared.

That is all for this article, because its already pretty long. (woops) Just a reminder, take everything you're going threw and try to find a lesson in it. Thats how you grow :) I love you.