Hey this is an article about all of my favorite and recommended musicians :)

Ariana Grande


I love her personality and how strong she is since of all the things shes been through. I have been a stan for so long.

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Fave Songs

Thank you, Next
The light is comin
No tears left to cry

Billie Eilish


I absolutely adore Billie with all my heart, the things she has accomplished already and shes only 16 blows my mind, she is so unique and her music is so powerful.

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Fave songs

When the party's over
Six feet under
I dont wanna be you anymore

Lana Del Ray


Lana's music is so different and calming i love to listen to her if im doing homework or wanting to sleep.

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Fave songs

Dark Paradise
Summertime Sadness
Video Games
National Anthem

Marina and the Diamonds


Her music is so fun but also has a powerful message in them. I love how each of her albums is focusing on a different character.

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Fave songs

How to be a heartbreaker
Teen Idle
Primadonna girl
Bubblegum Bitch

Lil Peep


He had such a unique type of music and such a variety of songs. RIP Gus

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