Hello my lovelies! For today's article, i'll be sharing with you tips that worked for me & i hope they work for you.

I struggled with anxiety for 8 years. The last anxiety attack i had was 4 years ago. Since then, anxiety & stress still at times overwhelm me, but with these tips that i'm about to share with you, i never allowed it to go so far to become an actual anxiety attack.

On the last anxiety attack i had, i told my parents about it. I had never shared it with anybody. In my mind, i thought it was normal, what i was going through. I thought it wasnt important enough to talk about with someone. The reason i shared it with my parents was because the last attack i had was the worst one i had experienced in the 8 years. My dad talked to me, helped me, & prayed over me. I really suggest that you talk about it with someone. It is important what you are going through. Never feel like people won't understand, or care. They do care. They might not completely understand what youre going through, but they will be understanding. You are not alone.

Now this helps me so much. I have a journal that was given to me as a gift years ago. I write on it as much as i can. But right when i'm feeling anxious, stressed, panic, too much weight (emotionally), i write. I write & i write. I put everything on the pages. My thoughts and feelings, all of it. If you don't journal already, i suggest that you try it out. It will be of help to you. Writing is a factor as to why i have not had an anxiety attack. I feel so much better when i'm done. When you don't feel like sharing with someone or someone isn't available, pull out your journal & simply write.

Take some time off & concentrate on what you love to do. Do what makes you feel alive & better. I personally just do some lettering or i paint with watercolor. Or sometimes i'll play my ukulele. If you can't think of anything to do then listen to some music. A song that i found recently & love is Drop Everything by Riley Clemmons. When i first heard it, i was like yessss! I hear it when i'm feeling on edge & it reminds me to calm down, drop everything, let go of it all, don't worry & stress. I recommend that you hear the song. It's really good.


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Thank you so much for reading. I really do hope this helps you. Feel free to message me if you wanna talk. & remember: each and every one of you are beautiful & unique in your own way!
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