White. Crisp. One of a kind like a snowflake. Like winter, in the beautiful way of newly fallen snow. Silver. Wisdom. Deep feelings. Expression through writing. White roses. Tear stained poems. Innocently funny. Unknown, like a forest. Strong enough on her own, strong enough to hold up other people she loves. Lights at night. Melancholy.

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A complex place. Broken but not lost. Underwater but resilient to the drowning. Colourful. Artistic. Seeks revenge. Different. Mysterious. Ray of light in the dark. Domino effect. Curiousity, analyzation. Silver sparkles.

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Like gold. Can withstand heartache, but feels deeply and takes awhile to repair itself. Loves like fireworks. Melodious. Warrior, protection. Intuitive. Emerald. Mosaics. Fire. Passionate. Hopeless romantic. Seeks acceptance, love, and appreciation for who she is not what she does.

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She's definitely an old soul. I associate her with a lot of black and red in terms of clothing and accessories, especially red lipstick. Medium length, black hair. French-inspired classic romantic personality. Vintage American. A writer, gifted with words. I can see her looking out a window with a hot drink lost in her thoughts. Jewelry with unique, large stones. Old fashion letters, personalizes everything to make it her own creation. A walking, talking, breathing encyclopedia. Very generous, selfless, thoughtful. When she really cares about something or someone she puts her entire heart in soul into it. Carelessly singing around the house (sounding beautiful). A dog whisperer, which can be extended to all animals. Hospital, nurturing, protective. Defensive, can shut a person right up with only her words. Argumentative but knows when to keep the peace. Doesn't think enough of herself (she's absolutely a talented, intelligent, one in a million human). She's an anchor - even when she believes she's completely broken and drowning, I know she's not because she's too strong to let go and sink. She's tough, she's very steadfast in her beliefs and values (doesn't care much for people's opinions that way). Is adorably humble about her amazingness. Girl can talk, especially when it's about something she's passionate for but she doesn't often talk about what's on her mind or her special interests likely because she's been conditioned to believe no one will care or listen. More of a stay at home and watch movies kind of girl than go out to get black-out drunk type. I can see her being that one family member that everyone's so grateful for when it comes the holiday seasons - I can see her totally going all out in decorations, baking, and cooking, having everything organized. Someone you'd want on your team. Someone I feel completely at home with. She's a breath of fresh air in this millennial egotistical world that we live in.

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