I know. It was recently Halloween. But I am a sucker for holidays and especially those that are as cozy as Christmas. Do not get me wrong, I love Halloween. But now that Halloween is over. I am already starting to think about this years Christmas decorations. I have gathered some tips for myself (and now for you too) that I would like to share.

book, christmas, and christmas tree image
1) Make a Christmas tree out of your books
christmas and diy image
2) Paint a Christmas tree on a wooden plank
christmas, snow, and winter image
3) Make snowglobes out of glass jars
candle, cone, and lovely image
4) Make candle decorations with a winter theme
light, christmas, and decoration image
5) Or if you are not a fan of fire and think a snowglobe is too much work...
christmas and winter image
6) Make your own door ornament
christmas, winter, and tree image
7) Or you could do something a bit differently
christmas, christmas decorations, and christmas inspiration image
8) This is something that my grandma likes to do - decorate the dining table
christmas, decoration, and joy image
9) Make your own vase or candle holder
christmas, decorations, and diy image
10) Last kind of obvious thing - make your own christmas tree ornaments.

Hope I got you inspired!