There’s this damn boy that I just can’t seem to get out of my mind, and to distract myself I decided to make my own version of this article:

I don’t think that the distraction worked well, but I decided to post it on here anyways.
And now, enjoy.


i don't really care about his name, tbh




boy, froy gutierrez, and Hot image boy, froy gutierrez, and froy image
something like these two would be nice. I really love dark brown eyes and messy hair. And high cheekbones, along with a strong jaw.


fashion, outfit, and clothes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Just simple, a pair of trousers and a shirt. Maybe some flannels on top or a sweater paired with vans or any other sneaker and he’s ready to go.


Temporarily removed hair, aesthetic, and boy image
I don’t care if it’s the “typical” boy length or down to the shoulders, if it’s dark brown/any shade of brown and messy, I’ll take it.


indie, rain, and aesthetic image ghost, aesthetic, and grunge image
He’s funny, trust worthy, intelligent, sometimes a bit of an idiot (my idiot), is really a deep thinker if you get to know him, is that person you’ll have conversations with at 3am about live and everything else and really knows how to make you laugh if you’re sad.


aesthetic, body, and hands image boy, grunge, and white image
Not too muscly, but not too lean. Just something in between.


aesthetic, alternative, and camera image Temporarily removed
Drawing, Photography, making funny jokes, laughing, enjoying life, playing soccer/football, spending time with people important to him.


aesthetic image swear, jar, and aesthetic image aesthetic, shoes, and vintage image Temporarily removed food, breakfast, and aesthetic image 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image
He suffered from an eating disorder, but recovered from it successfully; he is very, very intelligent and has really good grades; he swears a lot but is nicer in reality; loves animals.

And as I was writing this article, I just wasn’t describing someone I hope to meet, I was describing an actual person from real life. Damn it.

I really hope you enjoyed this article.
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With that, I really hope that you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you and I’ll write to you tomorrow.
- Rana