When Raven was born one of my girls stole her. They brought her to the underworld and scared the shit out of her. Little did she know, that was going to be a huge part of her life when she grew up. Her twin Tatum used her magic to take her sister back. We let it happen because we did what we wanted. We also had other things to do.

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That same girl is back. Lexi. I swear she's my long lost sister. We even look alike when my hair is in its natural blonde state. Katherine works at Alec's bar and I know they'll get along, so I contacted Katherine asking her to get Lexi a job there. It worked out perfectly. Lexi is older than everyone at the house which means she's more experienced. Amber is great and all, but I like having someone with just as much experience as me around. If anyone's going to replace Jasmine, it's Lexi.

Blue has kept Ophelia occupied. She's a permanent girl here now. Hayden is gone. Amber banged Hayden's boyfriend Derek and Hayden was so distraught about it, she burned out her own powers. So there's no use for her here. Adios, Hayden. With Lexi back, it's going to make me a happy woman.

What's next....what iiis next....