Hii ! Not a very original article but I really enjoy writing this tag ! So let's do it again

Sorry for bad english that's not my language

Tan or pale
Tan but I'm quite pale

Cake or pie

Ice-cream or Yorgurt
Ice-cream I don't like yogurt

Ketchup or mustard
Both ! But I would choose ketchup

Sweet pickles or dill pickles

Comedy or mystery
Comedy I'm not like crazy about mystery at all

Boots or sandals

Silver or gold
It depends maybe gold

Pop or Rock

Checkers or chess

Board games or video games
Board games

Wine or beer
Wine but I don't drink

Freckles or dimples
Dimples are so cute !

Honey mustard or BBQ sauce
BBQ sauce definitly

Body weight exercises or lifting weights
You're just beautiful like you are you don't need them but body weight exercises are better.

That's it for today hope you liked ! Take care of you, much love
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