Genesis 31:49
May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are apart from one another

  • For those of who that haven't read my article about my love story, please do so, as I feel it is encouraging in some way. The link is below; please read and react to it?!
  • Austin is leaving for the oil field in just a few days, November 12th... I spent the weekend with him and met some of his family. He took me hunting for the first time and over-all it was a GREAT last weekend together. Anyways, he will be the youngest guy working, so I do ask for yall's prayers to keep him safe and intact. (lol) And to have him come back to me with minimum to no scratches.
  • What did I think when I first heard about him leaving? I began to allow myself to overthink and stress out!
  • How did I cope with the idea of him being gone longer than usual? I thought about all the good times we've had and even the not so good times and I thought about what I wanted out of our relationship. Was I okay with it ending just as soon as it began? No! Austin and I have been together for more than 3 months and there have been quite a few things that we've been through, negatively, that have brought us closer together...
  • Another way I coped was by making him something to take with him`... It made me feel better and more or less okay with the fact that we won't be together for weeks at a time... Because it is so close to Christmas, I went ahead and included a gift. It was a French Press Coffee Maker from Amazon for a little less than $40. I thought this was a GREAT gift because he LOVES black coffee. (No sugar, milk or creamer...) and I bought him coffee to go with, of course. I made some 'Open When Letters'. (I will make another article devoted to 'Open When Letters' because I had trouble with it too). I included his favorite cereal to start him off at the rig (because their housing is paid for but they have to buy their groceries). I got him a camo coffee cup and camo slippers (I kept the slippers because they were A TAD BIT too small). I got a cute little basket from the dollar store and bought some snacks and some candy. And lastly, I found a shadow box picture frame and printed out a picture from our weekend together.
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Well lovelies, this article was pretty much all over the place and I apologize but I do hope you enjoyed it and continue to read articles I write! :)
Have a great day/ Night! :)