hello! here are some of my favorite asian dramas. i'll tell you their plot and where you can watch them! enjoyyy

meteor garden

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this is a chinese drama about a girl who gets to know the popular boys in their school and one of the boys falls in love with her. (btw if you want some eye candy all the guys on this series are so cute) i watch it from netflix!

good morning call

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this is a japanese drama about a boy and a girl who are tricked to move in together to the same apartment. eventually they fall in love. i watch it from netflix.

please come back, mister

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this is a funny korean drama about two men who died and return to earth temporarily for 2 months in different bodies. i watch it from viki!

the weightlifting fairy kim bok joo

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this is a korean drama about a weightlifter girl and a swimmer boy who fall in love. + i heard the actors were actually dating when they were filming this?? i watch it from viki.

hello, my twenties!

han seung yeon, ji woo, and park eun bin image caps, empowerment, and feminism image caps, crush, and friend image Image removed
this is a korean drama about 5 girls who live together and about their adventures! i've only seen season 2 and it's on netflix.

exo next door

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this is a korean web drama about a girl and how a popular kpop group moves in to the house next to her. of course some romance involves too ;) i watch it from naver.

thanks for reading!