Why can´t we talk? Why don´t I know that I can come to you and talk about my problems and fears? Why can´t we have a true relationship? Why am I so so scared to talk to you about my thoughts or about anything at all? Why are you the person I feel judged by the most? Why am I so insecure about myself when I´m around you? Why do you keep hurting me? Why do you keep showing me that I can´t trust you?

So many questions but what I want to know the most is Why our relationship went wrong in the first place? Was it my fault?

Dear mum, dear dad,
I am so scared to talk to you about serious stuff because you keep giving me the feeling that I do everything the wrong way and that you are always mad at me.
I wish it would be differently but it seems like I can´t change anything.

your daughter.