Hello Hearters!
Today marks the last round of introductions for our Writers Team but you will continue to see their amazing articles published from @weheartiteditor! Each one of our team members want you to get to know them better so they wrote a little about themselves a chose a picture that they love. So! Last but most certainly not least here they are!

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Aurora ✾
Aurora ✾

Hey everyone! My name is Aurora, but I also go by Rory. I joined We Heart It a little over 2 years ago after a friend told me about the most aesthetically pleasing site on the internet… I was not disappointed, to say the least.

I think what I love most about this site though is the supportive community and unique opportunity to express oneself. Not only can you share what you love through pictures, but you can also share through articles. And everyone is so nice and helpful!

If you want to keep a look out for my upcoming articles, you can expect to see lots of writing help, book reviews, or snippets of my personal fictional works. I LOVE to write and read, but I also study biology and teach the cello! Please feel free to send me a postcard about literally anything. I love getting to know all of the beautiful souls here on We Heart It.

- Aurora ✾

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ciao, everyone! ♡ my name is Katerina (but I go by kat) and you can find me @allunare. I’m really excited to be a part of the writer's team. I personally love that we heart it is such a positive platform with inspiring content, pictures, and users! + I find scrolling through feeds very relaxing and it helps to take my mind off things.

I live in the UK but I’m originally from Italy. I love animals, taking photos of everything, coffee, the smell of old books, dancing in the rain, sunsets, eye rolls and Sunday's.

you can expect lots of articles centered around positivity but also ‘how to’ type articles, advice, fitness, self-love and just life in general. thank you so much for reading, until next time!

love always, kat.

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Lexi B
Lexi B

Hello hearters! My name is Alexis but go by Lexi B on WHI. I have been fortunate enough to be added to the Writers Team and meet so many talented people.

I love We Heart It because it lets me express what I find interesting in the world. I love writing and creating my own story with each piece of my work! I love writing about anything that strikes my interest such as fashion, book/movie reviews, self-care tips, and friendship.

I am from Alberta, Canada and come from a small rural town of 300 people. I love my 5 cats as well as the mountains, writing, sports, and beauty!

I try to post articles once a week so be on the lookout! Don’t be afraid to send me a postcard as I love meeting other talented writers as well!
Thanks for reading!
~Lexi B

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there's magic around
there's magic around

Hey, Hello, my name is Linda. I decided to go by the username @theresmagicaround on my social media platforms because I truly believe we live in a world full of magic. You just have to see it.

I started using WHI 6 years ago and it’s been a great time so far. I’m so glad for the opportunity to write articles now. In my opinion, the greatest thing about We Heart It is, that you can actually reach people with your words, no matter how many followers you have. We Heart It is my safe space on the internet and in daily life and I think I’ll never get tired of it.

I personally think I’m a little weird. But that’s okay. I love being in company of animals and I enjoy being in the forest, reading and doing stuff on my own. I’m deeply in love with rock music, especially 80s rock.

Yeah being an introverted, nostalgic soul isn’t always easy and that’s what my articles are about, most of the time. I write about what’s in my mind and I want to spread good vibes and make people feel less alone. Thank you for reading! xx Linda

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Juliet ♚
Juliet ♚

hello dears! I am Juliet (Skahrlett on we heart it) and I live in Italy! I just started my specialization school in veterinary medicine and I am obsessed with Venice. I love to write short and kinda aesthetic stories I write to process things and mostly to escape from boring everyday life. I posted my very first story here on We heart it and never stopped ever since, because it really feels like home: I can find all the inspiration I need, it’s a safe place for my mood, whether I am happy or sad, and I love how supportive the community is: I’ve met so many amazing people around here! I hope you will enjoy reading my short stories! Me? I still haven’t got over being part of the Writers team yet, as I am so honored about it!

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Hello out there! My name is Gry, and I've been here on We Heart It since forever! I can't even remember how long! I've had a really on and off relationship with We Heart It, but since they introduced articles it's been like, I've found what I was missing! I looooove writing and I'm fortunate enough to be a part of the writers' team.

For me, We Heart It has always been my escape, my break from the real world. It has always been a place where I turned my thoughts into collections and I hope I will keep doing that for a long time. One of my favorite places in the world is Musée d'Orsay, why? Because when I lived in Paris, I found the same calmly peaceful escape from the world, as We Heart It gives me. Not because of the art, but because of the architecture, which I actually also calls art.

I love writing about all the feeling I'm escaping from, this can be overwhelmingly good feelings or devastating bad ones, but no matter what I think it's the feeling every normal 20-something girl has.


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Hi Angels ♡
The name is Ariel but I go by Elle, and on here I’m @illuminatedangel! Some of you know me from the pen pal program or from my How To Be Angelic article. I’ve been on We Heart It for about five years now and I’m honored to be on the We Heart It writer’s team! It’s exciting to have the chance to improve my writing and meet new people.

My favorite part about We Heart It is the community. I’ve had the privilege to befriend so many beautiful, kind, helpful souls here! Another reason why I adore We Heart It is because it’s a way to be as creative and expressive as we want :)

I live in Colorado in the USA, and I spend nearly all my time studying, but when I’m not studying or writing papers, I’m learning everything involving philosophy, art, and astrology (or laughing at obscure memes).

Articles you can expect from me include How-To’s, short stories, and overall articles about friendship, life, and beauty. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want or need to; my inbox is always open :)

Love, Ariel

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Hey you!

My name is Sandra. I’m a 29 y/o Dutchie, working hard to be the change I wish to see in the world. I'm a huge book nerd and coffee-lover (can’t have one without the other), your classic cat-lady in secret, and I dig meditation and yoga.

I also love to write and create content for the web. Mostly, I write about personal growth, mental health and living intentionally.

I always tell people We Heart It is my visual diary, I simply love everything about it. Always have, ever since the beginning! This platform sparks my imagination, inspires me to be my best self. To keep improving, growing, and sharing my love with the world.

I love how we are all part of this loving community. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next article!

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Well, hello there Hearters! It's great that you are reading our articles and so I thought it might be nice to introduce myself so that you know who is behind the words you are reading. My username here is @writingaboutyou (don't worry, it's not super likely that you are the 'you' that I'm referring to in my username, but I guess you never know ). In real life, people like to address me as Astrid (if you've seen The Office, then maybe you like to call me 'Assturd', which is less great, but whatever). I like to post my articles on We Heart It, because it makes me feel heard and I love how this platform has been there for me time and again, especially when I had no one to turn to. I absolutely love how We Heart It was always here to listen to my stories of heartbreak, which brings me to the next point of introduction: as you may have noticed, I like to write poetry about lost loves or broken relationships, because I find a certain comfort in loneliness, especially if I can put it into words. I absolutely love being super dramatic (which 23-year old doesn't?) and throwing around metaphors that no one will ever get. Lastly, I want to thank all of you for coming along on my journey and crying with me over boyfriends/girlfriends that break our hearts. Also a major thank you @weheartit for giving me a voice and the opportunity to inspire others with my writing. If any of you are ever going through a tough time, know that it will get better. Feel free to shoot me a message if you ever need someone to talk to or if you ever feel the need to fangirl over Taylor Swift, know that I'm your pal

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In case you missed the other intros!

So that’s everyone! We hope that you have enjoyed learning about our Writers Team!

Lots of love