DAY 1.

a song you like whit a color in the title

yellow, coldplay, and Lyrics image Chris Martin, coldplay, and guy berryman image
Yellow - Coldplay

DAY 2.

a song you like with a number in the title

quotes, arctic monkeys, and grunge image alex turner and arctic monkeys image
505 - Arctic Monkeys

DAY 3.

a song that remindes you of summertime

Drake, mine, and passionfruit image Drake, king, and aubrey image
Passionfruit - Drake

DAY 4.

a song that remindes you of someone you'd rather forget

queen bey, beyonce knowles carter, and beyoncé image Image by gusto
Partition - Beyoncé

DAY 5.

a song that need to be played loud

Temporarily removed Image removed
Space Oddity - David Bowie

DAY 6.

a song that makes you want to dance

david bowie, Hot, and music image blues, dance, and david bowie image
Let's Dance - David Bowie

DAY 7.

a song to drive to

black and white, Lyrics, and quotes image Image removed
Nightcall - Kavinsky

DAY 8.

a song about drugs and alcohol

dope, artpop, and Lady gaga image Lady gaga and Queen image
Dope - Lady Gaga

DAY 9.

a song that makes you happy

painting, here comes the sun, and music image the beatles, beatles, and music image
Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

DAY 10.

a song that makes you sad

Image removed Image removed
True Love Will Find You In The End - Daniel Johnston

DAY 11.

a song you never get tired of

quotes, pink, and the smiths image the smiths, morrissey, and indie image
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths

DAY 12.

a song from your preteen years

Temporarily removed michael jackson, king of pop, and legend image
You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson

DAY 13.

a song you like from the '70

lou reed image Image removed
Perfect Day - Lou Reed

DAY 14.

a song you'd love to be played at you wedding

quotes image diplo, skrillex, and bruno mars image
Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars (Skrillex BatBoi Remix)

DAY 15.

a song you like that's covered by an other artist

quotes and words image Temporarily removed
Can't Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson

DAY 16.

a song that is a classic favourite

Temporarily removed bob dylan image
Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

DAY 17.

a song you'd like to sing with someone on karaoke

Temporarily removed Cyndi Lauper image
Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

DAY 18.

a song from the year you were born

love, quote, and ready image Image by dominika_
Ready Or Not - The Fugees

DAY 19.

a song that makes me think about life

Image removed Pink Floyd, rock, and music image
Mother - Pink Floyd

DAY 20.

a song that has many meanings to me

Lyrics, skinny love, and song image Image removed
Skinny Love - Bon Iver

DAY 21.

a song with a persons name in it

blue, crazy, and Lyrics image suzanne vega and my name is luka image
Luka - Suzanne Vega

DAY 22.

a song that moves me forward

Lyrics, nico, and singer image Image removed
These Day - Nico

DAY 23.

a song that I think everyone should listen to

joy division, quotes, and black and white image ian curtis and joy division image
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

DAY 24.

a song by a band I wish was still together

quotes, wonderwall, and oasis image liam gallagher, oasis, and noel gallagher image
Wonderwall - Oasis

DAY 25.

a song that I like by an artist no longer living

books, music, and sad image Abusive image
Needle In The Hay - Elliott Smith

DAY 26.

a song that makes me want to fall in love

ed sheeran, love, and quotes image ed sheeran image
Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran

DAY 27.

a song that breaks your heart

quote, delicate, and music image Image removed
Delicate - Damien Rice

DAY 28.

a song by an artist whose voice I love

Image removed Image removed
Tears Dry On Their Own - Amy Winehouse

DAY 29.

a song that I remeber from my childhood

disney and pocahontas image disney, meeko, and music image
Just Around The Riverbend - Pocahontas OST

DAY 30.

a song that reminds me of myself

chaos, quotes, and red image Image removed
St. Jude - Florence And The Machine