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Today I'm gonna share my aesthetic n chill playlist with you. It has some chill songs and most of them are lofi! I love the feeling it gives me, it makes me feel very relaxed. The playlist is very big so I'm just gonna share a few, to see the full playlist you can click the link at the end of this article.

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Temporarily removed aesthetic, album, and art image

5:32 - the deli
[oops] - potsu
being in love with u - tomppabeats
her- eery
flowers - in love with a ghost

la vie en rose - moow
iced tea for breakfast - in love with a ghost
again - tomppabeats
coffee on the beach - halberd
go away - wun two

i spent the morning watching you wake up - cherishh
mind - nohidea
nagashi - idealism
sorry, i like you - burbank
rosemary - eevee

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