Hey everybody!

Make a list of your five favorite movies

  • The Fault in Our Stars
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This is my All-time-favorite film since 2014. I mean... Yeah, I have watched this film like almost 12 times. And I cried,on every one of them.
  • Harry Potter films
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Like...This is really basic, but I love the Harry Potter movies so much. You know, I'm from that kind of teen who grew up watching them a lot.
  • To the Bone
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This is a film, that represent a Mental Illness in a very amazing way. Mentall IIlnesses is my favorite subject of all. It really interests me and I'd really want to work with helping them also.
  • The Greatest Shownman
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I watched this show in the movie theatre once.But I have find it amazing,and I'm planning on rewatching the show.
  • A Simple Favor
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I recently watched this film with one of my friend in the movie theatre too. And it fascinated me a lot. It was a very good one.

That was all I wanted to say today.
I will write a new one tomorrow,
Kisses and Bye,