our mental health should be our no 1 priority . Now days we are constantly on our phones lets use this technology for our own well being . Mental illness is equally important just as our physical health . so here are some Apps which i have listed below which are also my personal favorites .

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what's up is a fantastic free app utilizing some of the best CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy ) and ACT (Acceptance commitment therapy ) methods to help cope with Depression ,Anxiety ,Anger ,Stress and more .And is easy to follow methods ,you can get to what helps you the most in seconds .

2 Mood path -Depression & Anxiety Test
Mood path is an interactive depression and anxiety screening program. It tracks your psychological , emotional and physical well being and generates a personalized mental health assessment that you can discuss with therapist

3 Pacifica - stress & anxiety
Anxiety ,stress and depression relief based on CBT & mindfulness mediation .

3 Remente - self improvement
A holistic well being system to get yourself together and become a better person

3 Habit tracker -
organize your life , track daily goals , build powerful habits !

4 Daylio -Diary , journal , mood tracker
keep a priavte diary and track your mood without writing down a single line !

5 Fabulous -
A scientific approach to wellness : fabulous uses research - based coaching to support healthier routines

6 Headspace
Makes meditation accesible even offline with a foundation of short guided sessions

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